Kobe Teppanyaki restaurant established on the 15th September 2012, under the cooperation of Mr. Frankie Wu, Le President Hotel Group and Mai Xa Joint Stock Company. The restaurant specialized in the Japanese Teppanyaki cuisine, which required highly skilled chefs, whose can perform and cook perfectly in front of customers to deliver the best experience to customers. We focus on the quality of our ingredients. Therefore, all of our ingredients are carefully selected and tested before offering to our customers.

As a member of La Chaine Des Rotisseurs, we are always thriving to serve our customers better and better everyday and offering the highest quality of services and foods to our customers. Our motto is: BRINGING JOYS AND GOOD HEALTH TO CUSTOMERS IS OUR GREATEST PLEASURE.


If you are a Japanese food lover, you definitely should not ignore Kobe Teppanyaki restaurant locate at:

13A Tu Xuong, Ward Vo Thi Sau, District 3, HCMC.

23C Ton Duc Thang, Ward Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC.

Kobe Teppanyaki restaurant is built on the foundation of an ancient mansion,

Western architecture combined with ancient Asian style makes restaurant space becomes more interesting. The restaurant has 3 floors with 10 private rooms with special decorations and arrangement in Japanese cuisine way. This will be the ideal space for diners. Customers can both observe the skillful chefs and enjoy the natural landscape outside through the glass wall.

The second floor is a bar area where customers can observe and enjoy the sushi chefs making raw dishes sashimi or hand rolling the maki with our freshest products.

Come to Kobe Teppanyaki, diners will enjoy a quintessential of Japan to the fullest, through a bridge of Teppanyaki table. The professionalism of the chefs will make diners feel like they are enjoying food not only verbally, but also visually exploring the culinary culture of origin

of cherry blossoms country.

Kobe Teppanyaki restaurant serves many different types of foods from meat to seafood. Our beef are imported from Australia, Black Angus from America, Satsuma beef from Japan, Kobe beef from Japan. Beef from Japan are categorized from A1 to A5 based on the marbling rating which A5 has the best flavor. Besides, we also have lamb rack from New Zealand, Tiger Jade abalone from Australia, foie gras from France, black cod fish from Canada.


"Get together to share new experiences with Kobe beef”

A5 premium and fresh wasabi and pink Himalayan mineral salts at Kobe Teppanyaki restaurant "

Sounds crackling and fragrant flavor emanating from the Kobe steak are inviting diners. Besides processing techniques, the restaurant is also very interested importance to the "beauty" of dish right from the selection of raw materials, processing and cooking of staging professional chefs. Diners can just feel the level of performances inside the grill, feel the sounds, flavors and cooking takes place before diners’ eyes. And the delicious A5 Kobe beef is laid out, plus a sweet spicy flavor concentration of wasabi and saltiness of pink Himalayan salt minerals, diners immediately will be impressed and satisfied completely. Customers not only can enjoy the taste, aroma and soft as Kobe beef melts in the mouth, the diners can enjoy the sweet, fresh and fragrant lobster, Australian Tiger Jade abalone, and extensive menu of sushi and sashimi at restaurants. With the stylish design in each separate room, the restaurant will be the best choice of for family meals or gathering. We always strive to give customers the best experience when having meal at Kobe Teppanyaki.

Come and enjoy the cozy, luxurious villa of a French style with Signature dishes!